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Hi. Привет. Hallo. Cәлам. Привіт. Salut. .أهلاً Cześć...
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I am a person on the Internet. I mainly do programming, electronics and music. Most of my programming projects are open-source and can be found on GitHub.

Deuterium showcase: a user message and the response from the bot


A Discord bot that generates messages similar to the ones it has seen before. Currently serves more than 1000 servers. In the past it was written in Python, it is now using Elixir. It uses a custom text generation library based on Markov chains and a custom database. It used to be able to recognize and synthesize speech in voice channels using a TypeScript companion app.

SpeedAPI showcase: sample protocol definition code


A toolkit for creating statically and strongly typed binary protocols with support for full-duplex communication. It is meant to be an alternative to the current bulky APIs. The description language compiler is written in Python, the only current driver is written in TypeScript.

LED panel showcase: showing the time, weather, audio spectrum and playback status

LED panel

Enjoys rays of sunlight sitting on the windowsill in the beautifiul Tells the time, shows the weather, the audio spectrum with a smiling cat underneath it and the CO2 concentration in the room. Uses the ESP32 MCU, the ESP-IDF framework and is written in C.

A screenshot of this very wesbsite

This website

Written in WASM assembly. Renders the page and transfers the framebuffer into a canvas in real time. I'm joking. Would be cool to work on a project like this though 🤔

↑ Projects that are more or less alive
↓ Dead projects


A messenger similar to Discord that supported end-to-end encryption in direct messages. Used a binary protocol that formed the basis of the future SpeedAPI. The backend was written in Erlang, the frontend was written in HTML, CSS and TypeScript without any frameworks.

Neutron showcase: its kernel boot log with an exception on top


An operating system for personal computers using the x86-64 architecture. The OS kernel was able to initialize select pieces of hardware, as well as load and execute applications from disk. The distribution around that kernel supplied a basic initialization system and a graphical shell. It was written in C.


Actually, I've been trying to make games since the early days of my programming journey, but I could never really make it in this area. Those were mainly small projects made with Unity in C#.

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